What is the difference between a standard member and a premium member?

MustardHub has two tiers of membership, Premium and Standard. Upon inviting a team member to join MustardHub, the inviting organization will set the team member’s membership tier. Don’t forget, this membership tier can be changed, if needed.

There are four major differences between Premium members and Standard members.

  1. Premium members are billed to the organization at $5/member/month. Standard members join for free. If a Premium member has been invited but not set up their account, the organization will not be billed. See how fees are calculated.
  2. Premium members will enjoy deeper discounts with exclusive vendor partners. This means that some products, services, and subscriptions will be cheaper for Premium members. Win!
  3. Premium members enjoy a more favorable points conversion. Points will go further with Premium members, meaning stronger purchasing power!
  4. Premium members can apply points towards insurance premiums, if purchased through our MustardHub Health Advisor. Standard members will not have the option to apply points towards insurance premiums.