What if a group mistakenly allocates points to a user?

We understand mistakes happen! Recognition of the mistake and taking prompt action will be critical. In the event an organization accidentally or inadvertently awards points to a team member in error, the group administrator must reach out to support@mustardhub.com as soon as possible.

A MustardHub support representative can assist in fixing errors like accidentally awarding points or an incorrect number of points to a team member. However, there may be limitations on how much MustardHub can do.

Request the change or reversal within 24 hours.

Any request to reverse or change the points allocated must be made within 24 hours. If the 24 hour time window has passed, MustardHub can not reverse or change the points allocation. This is a firm policy that can not be changed.

Any used or redeemed points can not be returned to the organization.

If a member uses some or all of the points that an organization wishes to reverse or change, those points can not be recovered, regardless of the total value or circumstances. Any used or redeemed points can not be returned back to the organization. Sorry, those points are gone for good.

For questions or assistance troubleshooting, please contact support@mustardhub.com for help.