What happens when a member gets deactivated?

An organization has the authority to deactivate a member at any time. Members who are deactivated will receive an email detailing the change and the time frame within which their existing points much be used before they’re no longer available.

Members deactivated before the 20th of the current month will have until the end of the month to use their points, after which any points balance will be forfeited. If notified after the 20th of the current month, a deactivated member will have until the end of the next month to use their existing points balance.

After the specified “end date”, a deactivated members will no longer have access to the MustardHub marketplace or suite of benefits and perks. However, deactivated members will continue to have access to their account page, existing orders, purchased downloads, and subscription management.

Active subscriptions will continue to remain active until canceled by the member. The cost of the subscription may change to reflect Standard pricing. Any changes or cancellations must be initiated by the member, or the member’s payment method will continue to incur any subscription charges. Refunds can not be granted for subscription purchases.

A member may be reactivated if re-added by the organization, or if added by a new organization. Any points forfeited from a prior group relationship will not be available upon reinstatement.