On what basis do companies award points to members?

Anything and everything! Groups can designate their own reasons for which they may allocate points to a member. From rewards, recognition, appreciation, and engagement, to gratitude, achievements, and events, groups have a million reasons to award points to members.

Groups, companies, and associations have their own internal KPIs they can use as well. There may be custom options MustardHub can implement to further automate your giving strategy. Here are some ideas groups should consider:

Consider offering a reward for a desired activity or behavior. If your team is made up of contractors who operate with a large degree of autonomy, rewarding desired behaviors is a great way to build alignment with that segment of your workforce.

Too often, your star and underperforming employees get the most attention. However, studies show that rewarding small wins motivates average workers to go above and beyond the call of duty. Reward the small wins, like recognizing mid-project milestones, asking thoughtful questions, or having a keen eye for detail.

Employees and team members love to feel appreciated and recognized for their achievements, including notching a major win, securing a big client, generating a valuable referral, passing major milestones, and celebrating work anniversaries. Use event-based activity and achievements as a great way to say thank-you and great job!

The possibilities are endless, and there are no rules for which rewards can be given. Each group will have their own criteria. Please reach out to support@mustardhub.com with suggestions on how your group may wish to automate your giving.

…and who doesn’t love a little something on their birthday?