How is MustardHub different?

MustardHub boasts 75-80% lower upfront costs than competitors, making it an ideal solution for small businesses, associations, and organizations that rely on small teams, contractors or flexible and diversified workforces. Rest easy knowing that you can reduce tax liabilities, and there are no mandatory yearly commitments, contracts, or required minimum contributions.

MustardHub is the only benefits and perks platform that does not utilize a “seat” model, meaning organizations do not have to pay in advance for members that may never utilize the platform. And it’s also the only platform where organizations can add an unlimited amount of free members. So get the whole team involved while keeping an eye on your budget!

In addition to health, wellness, and lifestyle benefits, MustardHub also has an exclusive Health Advisor partner to help all workers, regardless of employment classification, get access to group-style health insurance benefits and supplemental group health coverage.