How do successful companies use MustardHub?

MustardHub is a comprehensive benefits platform designed for small businesses that helps attract and retain team members and transform company culture, in one simple ecosystem.

Organizations of all sizes can demonstrate their commitment to the wellbeing of and appreciation for workers of all classification types. We’re democratizing access to perks and benefits for all individuals, regardless of employment classification at a cost specifically tailored to small business budgets.

With MustardHub, organizations can add their entire census of members that include part-timers, full-timers, independent contractors, interns, and more. Budget conscious groups may choose to leverage the free member tier so that members can join without ballooning the costs of participation.

Groups can provide a recurring monthly award amount to any member, regardless of tier. There are no limits or minimums. This is a great option for organizations that wish to help subsidize a member’s insurance premiums through MustardHub, but do not offer group health plans through their organization. Now small businesses and groups can offer access to insurance without offering insurance! Monthly subsidy amounts are a great way to “set it and forget it”.

One-off rewards are common to say thank you, show appreciation, celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, or even a job well done! With rewards, individual members can redeem any products and services from exclusive vendor partners in addition to pre-paid gift cards at countless retailers nationwide.

Successful companies use MustardHub to transform their company culture into a thriving, positive, and supportive environment and be a destination for worker happiness.